Power Performance MOT

The power performance MOT will provide you with an honest appraisal of your existing power consumption and power performance, geared towards Energy Managers but with the ability to view technical details – perfect for a Facilities Managers or a Power Engineer.

With the results you will quickly see exactly where any issues are and most importantly, where you can save money on your current energy consumption.


Consider this…

Do you know how much your maintenance staff might be costing you by using lighting or appliance energy, prior to your main staff arriving?

Do you know how much wastage you have by having all of your appliances only on one of your three phases instead of split equally across the three?

How much would your company benefit from Voltage Optimisation or a Power Factor correction unit?

Do you have appliances using your power 24/7 that you weren’t even aware were switched on?

Our Power Performance MOT is designed to give you a snapshot of how your building is performing and give you focus on where easy savings can be made as well as highlighting any potential issues.

Our eController Energy Monitoring device will simply clamp onto your mains electricity and, over the course of two weeks, will monitor your energy usage and analyse your building.

At the end of the Power Performance MOT we will provide you with a full report and you will be able to see exactly how you are performing and just like a car mechanic, see where the errors lie and where future issues may occur.

  • Power factor analysis & measures ROI for power factor correction units
  • Phase balance load analysis
  • Night time load analysis
  • Baseline load analysis
  • Power cut probability
  • Voltage & voltage stability analysis
  • Rate of ROI calculations for Voltage Optimisation installations>
  • Second by second power usage
  • Harmonic issue analysis
  • 50Hz frequency line analysis
  • Power factor analysis and measures ROI for power factor correction units
    Determines if you have issues with your power factor
  • Phase balance load analysis
    If your phases are imbalanced you could be wasting extra power by overloading individual phases
  • Night time load analysis
    Understand how much energy wastage is happening overnight with unused devices
  • Baseline load analysis
    Understand how much your hidden power usage is costing i.e. appliances using mains power that you may be unaware of
  • Power cut probability
    Analyse the amount of time your current usage is over the breaker limit
  • Voltage & voltage stability analysis
    Understand the fluctuation of your voltage each day
  • Rate of ROI calculations for Voltage Optimisation installations
    Calculate if Voltage Optimisation would benefit you and if so, your potential savings if you have a system installed compared to the cost of the equipment up front
  • Second by second power usage
  • Harmonic issue analysis
    Understand if any of your machinery or equipment is affecting the harmonics on your line which may cause unexpected power cuts and cause other equipment to break
  • 50Hz frequency line analysis
    Understand the stability of your incoming mains frequency
  • Review cost of working schedule ‘habits’
  • See the cost of maintenance being scheduled to work outside of normal 9-5 hours and leaving appliances / lights on prior to arrival of office staff.

The price for a full Power Performance MOT for one month is £1000. This includes the cost for one of our Energy Experts to come and fit the eController at your premises.

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Alwyn Davies

Gardline Group