eAnalyser Portable Energy Monitor

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The eAnalyser is a portable energy monitor that measures and reports your energy consumption in real-time giving you the insights needed to make savings and achieve sustainability targets.

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The eAnalyser portable energy monitor measures and reports energy consumption in real-time so you have the insights needed to make savings and achieve sustainability targets.

The eAnalyser is a portable device, which enables you to monitor the consumption of an entire building down to an individual appliance or machine in real-time. Your data can be viewed on the connected Netbook using our carefully designed graphical interface.

Using our eAnalyser software, you will be able to see every change in power consumption allowing you to identify wastage and power anomalies, thus being able to cut down on your energy usage and save money. The software will give you a graphical display of energy in cost, Amps, KWHours and CO2 emissions, and can also be customised to include temperature and humidity sensors if required as an additional feature.

The real-time data can be saved in an Excel or CSV file for viewing later, or streamed to our online Cloud-based database where you can view it remotely at any time using our sophisticated eViewer software. Our system meets the Government requirements for “third party monitoring”.

Our team here at Green Running will help you install the device and provide a tested methodology for ensuring your energy targets and savings are met. We recognise that each organisation has unique energy needs, so we work hard to understand your requirements and ensure that we offer you a solution and methodology that will achieve your desired outcome.

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  • Displays real-time values for cost, amps, kWh, co2 emissions, Raw Amps, voltage, reactive power, harmonic frequencies and power factor
  • Allows for the extension of temperature, humidity, water and gas sensors as additional add-ons – Portable energy monitor with 5 hours of battery life and a mains adapter for long term logging – Monitors single or three phase buildings
  • Can be used to display individual device consumption or plugged into the mains to view the energy consumption of an entire building
  • Compares ‘perfect day’ energy consumption against energy providers, appliances or entire buildings across multiple sites. – Sends alerts about irregular usage or power failure
  • Stores data locally at up to one second intervals in an Excel or .CSV file, or
  • Can stream data to our secure online database for viewing remotely on a second by second basis via a yearly subscription
  • The eViewer software allows you to view previous weeks, months or years and create tailored reports based on your requirements


As well as reducing energy consumption, lowering carbon emissions and saving electricity costs, we have found that the eAnalyser can help in wider scenarios:


The eAnalyser has been used to help large organisations (such as hotels and manufacturers) change the entire culture of their organisation to share reports and results with staff, and demonstrate how everyone can be included in making energy savings by embracing change.


The eViewer software that is provided with our eAnalyser allows you to share vibrant and engaging visuals showing real-time data, indicating power consumption levels and warning systems. Our technology has been used in schools and colleges as a teaching aid to educate pupils on sustainability and the environment. Educational establishments offering sustainability courses can not only save money, but also help teach, engage and raise awareness about environmental issues.


The eAnalyser allows you to compare the energy consumption and cost of different appliances, machines and energy providers. You can produce reports showing the cost / benefit ratios and payback periods of different energy options, so you can make informed decisions when choosing suppliers and hardware for your organisation.


The eAnalyser will help you avert fire risks by allowing quick and easy monitoring of specific heating circuits so you can repeat checks in the correct areas, before downtime.
The standard energy plan includes all of the hardware and software required to help you reduce your organisation’s energy consumption.


The eAnalyser is £1950 + VAT to purchase. Subscription to our secure cloud database to view data remotely is £295 + VAT per year.

The eAnalyser is available for hire for one month at £500. To hire the device please contact one of our Energy Consultants on 0800 907 0006 .


Full Product Brochure (including overview & datasheet)
Product Overview
eAnalyser Instruction Manual


We Supply:
1x eAnalyser, portable data logging kit
1x Netbook with a 5 hour battery life and mains adapter for long term logigng
3x current clamps, high accuracy, banana plug 0-5V input supply 0-200Apms system (we have a range of clamps available at a higher or more specific amp range, please talk to us about your requirements)
2x spare USB ports for additional logging devices. Up to nine power lines can be monitored simultaneously
1x ePlug for individual device analysis
eAnalyser software pre-installed on the Netbook
eReporter software
1x database slot on the Green Running cloud-based server
eViewer software platform for instantaneous viewing over the web


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