eMonitor Remote Energy Monitor

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Our eMonitor remote energy monitor is supplied with an eHub, which connect wirelessly together to provide a great value yet highly analytical power monitor, working perfectly in conjunction with our industry leading eViewer, Cloud database and eReporter software platforms.

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The eMonitor remote energy monitor is provided with the eHub, which connect wirelessly together to provide a great value yet highly analytical power monitor, working perfectly in conjunction with our industry leading eViewer, Cloud database and eReporter software platforms.

The eMonitor allows you to view and store second by second real-time data (both locally and to the Cloud) whilst also sampling your line at 3.2K/s per second. This gives you an incredibly accurate reading for your harmonics and other power characteristics, making it a highly sophisticated data logger.

The system takes all of the key features from our powerful high-end eController system and consolidates them into a smaller unit to reduce the cost of having multiple logging points on the same site.

This means that once you have a hub you can simply add on temperature, humidity, water, gas and further electricity monitors without needing a new hub each time, thus further reducing costs.


  • Calculates real power, absolute power, phase angle, power factor, voltage and current
  • Measures, monitors and reports the following:
  • RMS input voltage and RMS current of each phase
  • Line frequency
  • Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion and Current Total Harmonic Distortion of each phase
  • Voltage Harmonic contents and Current Harmonics contents of each phase up to the 31st harmonic
  • Calculated values of Power Factor using single phase for ease of installation
  • Stores data at 1 second intervals for over two years
  • Includes our powerful eReporter software allowing you to customise reports
  • Stores data locally in an Excel, .csv or .TXT file or online via our Cloud based server
  • Sends live alerts about irregular usage or power failures via text, email or alarm systems
  • Local wireless capability available via RF, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (Wi-Fi available upon request)
  • Link up to ten monitoring devices per hub
  • Our two-way Cloud database allows for instant control, and enables custom commands to be send directly to your device at scheduled times


As well as reducing energy consumption, lowering carbon emissions and saving electricity costs, we have found that the eMonitor can help in wider scenarios:


The eMonitor has been used to help large organisations (such as hotels and manufacturers) change the entire culture of their organisation to share reports and results with staff, and demonstrate how everyone can be included in making energy savings by embracing change.


The eViewer software that is provided with our eMonitor allows you to share vibrant and engaging visuals showing real-time data, indicating power consumption levels and warning systems. Our technology has been used in schools and colleges as a teaching aid to educate pupils on sustainability and the environment. Educational establishments offering sustainability courses can not only save money, but also help teach, engage and raise awareness about environmental issues.


The eMonitor allows you to compare the energy consumption and cost of different appliances, machines and energy providers. You can produce reports showing the cost / benefit ratios and payback periods of different energy options, so you can make informed decisions when choosing suppliers and hardware for your organisation.


The eMonitor will help you avert fire risks by allowing quick and easy monitoring of specific heating circuits so you can repeat checks in the correct areas, before downtime.



The eMonitor remote energy monitor plus eHub is £695 + VAT to purchase.

Individual eMonitor is £495 + VAT

Individual eHub is £395 + VAT

Subscription to our secure Cloud database to view data remotely is £295 + VAT per year


Full Product Brochure (including overview and data sheet)
Product Overview
eMonitor Data Sheet
eHub Data Sheet


The standard energy plan includes all of the hardware and software required to help you reduce your organisation’s energy consumption. We supply:

x1 eMonitor wireless monitoring device
x1 eHub (can connect to up to 10 different monitoring devices per hub)
x3 current clamps, high accuracy, banana plug 0-5V input supply 0-200Apms system (we have a range of clamps including flexi-clamps, available at a higher or more specific amp range, please talk to us about your requirements)
eReporter Software
eViewer (when purchased with data storage)


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