Case Study: Devonia Hotel Group

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Key Statistics

  • 30% cost savings within the first month of adopting the eAnalyser
  • Informative testing of new products for carbon footprint
  • Identification of power factor issues resulted in significant savings

High electricity costs

Devonia Hotel Group is a chain of hotels in Ilfracombe in the South West of the UK. The hotels are seasonal, experiencing peak occupancy during the summer months and closing for periods during the winter. The group was eager to address its energy use both during busy and quiet periods. The group spends around £20k per annum on electricity.

Focus on energy consumption to reduce cost

In the highly competitive world of hotel management, differences in utility expenditure can mean the difference between success and failure. Energy use occurs even when the business is closed and the Devonia Hotel Group was keen to manage energy use year round.

Consultancy & Energy Monitoring

Devonia Hotel Group engaged Green Running to provide monitoring to its three hotels. It then undertook to investigate energy use based on the advice provided by the Green Running team.

The initial focus of the investigation was the reduction of energy use during periods when the hotels were closed. Energy use during closed periods is typically 30-40% of the peak monthly energy use. The majority of this use is centred on items left on (intentionally and unintentionally) during this period. Items such as space heaters, TVs (on standby), lights, fans and refrigeration/freezer units.

Green Running provided the group with the eController and eAnalyser energy monitors. These allowed 24-hour monitoring of energy use.

Energy Consumption Savings

Use of the Green Running energy monitors allowed the group to reduce its down-time energy use by c. 60%. By working with Green Running to produce close-down proceedures and ensuring that managers enforced them, energy wastage could be monitored and missed items quickly and easily identified, using the eViewer.

Additional savings were found in the central office. By monitoring this area individually, using the Green Running eAnalyser staff were able to attach a price to the energy being used and act accordingly.

Devonia Hotel Group - eViewer Energy Management Software

Green Running’s five-step process also allowed the Group to identify phase imbalances and harmonics that also contribute to energy wastage. The Group plan to address these in coming budgets.

Energy monitors help avert fire risk

A common cause of energy waste is heating and cooling devices being left on when the room is unoccupied. The Devonia Group Hotels were no exception. Hotel managers were aware of the problem from previous experience and were especially eager to ensure that no devices were left on because of the additional fire risk. By monitoring the specific heating circuits at winter shutdown they could quickly see if space heaters were on and order repeat checks of the appropriate rooms.

Compare Financial Implications of different Energy Solutions


With the help of Green Running’s eAnalyser energy monitor, Devonia Hotels were able to compare the costs of LED lighting against their current lighting installation. As a trial, one bedroom and a corridor were changed over to LED lighting. Maintenance staff then used the eAnalyser to measure in detail the energy being used. With the aid of Green Running, reports were produced showing the cost / benefit ratios and payback periods.


At one of the group’s hotels, concerns were raised over the age of the food refrigeration/freezing units. The eAnalyser was used to measure the energy use of these units over a typical 24 hour period. As expected, the older units used more energy. This was then used to produce payback period for the replacement of the units.

Associated Energy Savings

In addition to the reduction in electrical energy consumption, the increase focus on energy use led to savings in gas utility bills. By bringing shut down procedures to the fore, savings were also seen in gas and water consumption. It is Green Running’s belief that monitoring can lead to a change in the entire culture of energy use.