Case Study: Gardline Group

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Key Statistics

– Over 50% in energy saving within the first two months in a newly acquired building

– Informative testing of new products for carbon footprint and efficiency

– Identification of power factor issues resulted in significant savings

Gardline Group – High Electricity Usage

Gardline was established in 1969 to provide marine support to a flourishing offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea. Today, Gardline is the world’s largest independently owned marine survey company. They employ a workforce of over 780 in the UK, USA, Middle East, Brazil, Australia and South-East Asia. With a £140mn turnover, Gardline’s headquarters are in Great Yarmouth. Activities around the world include satellite communications, marine sciences, security, ship building, dry dock engineering, geographical information systems and digital mapping. Its Great Yarmouth HQ has grown over the years to support global business growth and now employs several hundred staff – with over £1m annually spent on energy.

Controlling energy consumption a key priority

Many of the businesses within the Gardline Group are highly energy-intensive and so controlling energy costs was a real challenge and a key objective. Gardline partnered with Green Running to help manage energy consumption and reduce costs in this area.

eAnalyser adopted to monitor energy consumption at Head Office

Gardline’s initial energy-saving project focused on its Head Office. Using several eAnalyser energy monitors , electricity usage on the major incoming major circuit was tracked for a full week to provide a comprehensive set of energy usage graphs. Green Running’s proprietary 5-step approach was then followed, to help the project team identify exactly where energy was being consumed – and where it could be saved. Within a few days, significant potential savings were identified.

In one instance badly balanced phases causing abnormal overheating were identified, which allowed Gardline to re-balance switchboard circuits and avoid an inevitable and costly power outage. Previous checks by single reading CT clamps had not detected these excessive peaks, which were greater than 20% of the fuse ratings, and would have inventively blown during peak production time.

Alwyn Davies, Gardline’s Project Manager explains:

The simple and easy use and the visualisation of energy data from the eAnalsyer have made it particularly rewarding. It is the first time we have been able to see exactly what is happening with our energy usage 24/7 as we are receiving and logging data every second. We have since brought several eAnalysers and genuinely believe that it is such a useful tool that no electrical installation team should be without one. Being able to see exactly what is happening as it happens makes analysis and savings so much faster and easier, especially for spotting anomalies allowing us to track down and remove any rogue equipment.

Alwyn Davies

Gardline Group

Evaluating energy usage of a new electrical product

Another Gardline company makes electrical equipment and was keen to test the energy footprint and efficiency of a new heat pump.

The heat pump was developed with an innovative design, but we needed to monitor its performance and energy consumption over a long period of time and over a variable British climate. The eAnalyser allowed us to do this very effectively, especially with using the optional temperature monitoring equipment provided with the eAnalsyer unit.

Identification of power factor issues resulted in significant savings

At a newly acquired industrial site for Gardline, an eAnalyser energy monitor was installed and within a few hours identified significant issues with the buildings current consumption. An immediate investigation discovered the cause of the anomaly to be a large power factor correction system, which had been installed by the previous owner to compensate for large machinery usage. It was discovered that even at off-peak times, high current consumption was still being observed due to the poor power factor being created by the unnecessary capacitor banks.

Gardline’s new acquisition building achieved in excess of 50% saving in electricity within the first two weeks of adopting the eAnalyser energy monitor for use in the building.


It’s the first time people have actually been able to see exactly what is going on and what has been going on with their energy consumption, every second, 24/7. No team of electricians should be without access to one of these portable systems, which makes savings and troubleshooting so much faster and easier to achieve.

Alwyn Davies

Gardline Group